Tuesday, 13 January 2009

IIS6 - which W3WP.EXE belongs to which application pool

Our servers run with a number of application pools to separate load between several intensive websites/processes. When everything is running fine management is easy but if an application pool begins to use excessive resource it is necessary to identify which W3WP.EXE process is using the resource and therefore which app pool is causing the problem.

Microsoft have provided a script file (.vbs) to list all W3WP.exe processess, the PID and the application pool. Simply open a command prompt (Start > Run, enter "cmd", click OK), type iisapp and hit return. Below is an example of the output:

W3WP.exe PID: 1468 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite1.com
W3WP.exe PID: 3056 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite2.com
W3WP.exe PID: 1316 AppPoolId: AppPoolForSite3.com

Thank you ASP Alliance for this one:

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