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Good quality icon packs for web and Windows development

Thanks to a helpful post from: Circular Icons bwpx.icns Gallery 2 Icons KDE Icons Credit Card Icons Fugue Icons Diagonal Icons Danish Icons LED Pixel Icons Flag Icons Mini Icons Onebit Icons WYSIWYG Sapphire Icons Watercolor Icon Pack Sweetie Basepack Icons Sweetie WebCommunication Icons Brand Spanking New Mini Icons TwoTones Icons Twotiny Icon Set Splashy Fish Icons Web Injection Icons Mania Icons

Take website screenshot using ASP.NET

Utilising a hidden web browser control it is possible to take a screenshot of any website. The code shown below is based on an article at  (sorry the site now appears to be offline May 2012) but I have translated it from VB.NET to C# and will work in .NET so theoretically for any Windows or ASP.NET web project. using System; using System.Drawing; using System.Drawing.Imaging; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Diagnostics; namespace WebsiteScreenshot { public class GetImage { private int s_Height; private int s_Width; private int f_Height; private int f_Width; private string myURL; public int ScreenHeight { get { return s_Height; } set { s_Height = value; } } public int ScreenWidth { get { return s_Width; } set { s_Width = value; } } public int ImageWidth { get { return f_Width; } set { f_Width = value; } } public int ImageHeight { get { return f_Height; } set { f_Height = value; } } public string Websit

iPad is finally confirmed

Apple’s new all singing all dancing device has been announced! See the live feed here: Here’s what the Apple iPad looks like. Image courtesy of