Thursday, 10 June 2010

Orange Mobile Contract Renewal - Beware

For any existing Orange customers hoping to obtain a competitive renewal on their Orange contract, beware!
A number of phone companies commit to providing the same deals to their existing as they use to lock in new customers. Some, T-Mobile for one, even claim to offer better deals to their existing customers.
Orange used to be fair handed on contract renewals and would assess past usage, upgrade phones and commitment to future usage on a new contract. This is no longer the case. Their policy is now to base all new deals (both contract and phone) on the past usage, regardless of the new contract value. In addition to this certain phones are flagged so Orange reps are unable to offer competitive deals to existing customers – this applies to the most popular handsets.
For a new customer it is possible to obtain an HTC Desire from almost any network for free on a £30 a month contract, this includes Orange on the rare occasions they have any in stock. My mobile usage is average but not heavy but will increase some what in the coming months with a high demand for data. Based on my past usage an HTC Desire would be £150 when obtained at the same as a contract renewal, this is the case even if I chose to renew with the most expensive £80 a month Panther deal!
I am sure Orange couldn’t care less that one customer is about to leave for another network but I can’t be alone in being screwed by their latest policies. Maybe when enough customers have left for other networks they will have to adjust their terms more in favour of the loyal customer who has stuck with them through good times and bad, mostly bad…

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