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Setup Passive FTP on Windows 2003 and IIS6

Two key items need to be completed for this: Configure FTP to use a specific range of passive ports so only a short range need be allowed through Windows Firewall. Setup the passive FTP port range to work through Windows Firewall. Configure FTP to use a restricted range of passive FTP ports By default passive FTP under IIS 6 will use a port in the range 1024 – 65535. When setting your own range of ports the range must be within 5001 – 65535. Enable Direct Metabase Edit in IIS 1. Open the IIS Microsoft Management Console (MMC). 2. Right-click on the Local Computer node. 3. Select Properties. 4. Make sure the Enable Direct Metabase Edit checkbox is checked. Configure PassivePortRange via ADSUTIL script 1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. 2. Set the directory to Inetpub\AdminScripts. Depending on your system configuration this can either be achieved by entering cd Inetpub\AdminScripts and then pressing ENTER or cd C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts and pressing ENTER or